Taking a break from blogging

This blog marks 26 weeks of blogging.

It’s not a target I set for myself or something I did intentionally, but I started this year by deciding to take my blog a little bit more seriously. I began putting more time in posts and planning out every month, deciding on a blog I would put up every week.

It’s been quite challenging but it’s also been rewarding. To have a blog written and ready to upload every week, first you need something to write about. I would say I’m a pretty aware person, but with my need to have something to write about every week, I’ve become even more aware of the things around me.

I also treasure that I can look back over these posts, week by week and see what thoughts were wandering around my head at that particular time.

But the whole point of this post is to let you know I’m taking a break.

When this post goes up it’ll be the middle of June and I know from experience that future Catherine (present me is actually writing this blog in May), will be swamped with work. And I’ll be needing my days off to fully relax and enjoy my summer and not be sitting at a computer trying to prepare a blog in a hurry.

You reading this probably won’t notice that I’m taking a little breather from blogging for a few weeks, but I just thought I’d write this anyway (and future me can also look back over this at some stage and be like “hey 27 weeks was good going!”)

During the weeks that I don’t have blogs going up I will keep writing, some of which may end up as posts on here! I also plan on revamping my blog a little bit and looking at different layouts. The current design on my blog is something I chose two years ago, and I don’t think it reflects me anymore.

I am also seriously thinking of changing my blog name. Like my design, the name Rearranging Stars just doesn’t sit right with me and I don’t feel any joy in telling people what my blog is called (sometimes I even feel embarrassed haha).

How is your summer going? If you blog do you find it hard to juggle blogging with other responsibilities?

10 lessons I’ve learnt in 20 years

In a few days I’ll be turning twenty.

I’m considering this birthday quite a big deal because it marks my final farewell from teenage hood. The idea of being twenty years old both excites me and terrifies me. I really have no idea what to expect.

In an effort to distract myself from an existential crisis I’ve compiled a list of:

10 things I’ve learnt in 20 years

I would have made a list of twenty things, but I honestly had difficulty and could only think of ten. Hopefully I’ll learn another ten in the next ten years!
  1. Getting a seat on the luas/ bus during rush hour will be your small victory of the day.
  2. There’s no point wishing things turned out differently, you wouldn’t be who you are right now if they did.
  3. Mocha’s (or your coffee of preference) will get you through the day
  4. People can be very mean . They’ll ridicule you, belittle you, put you down and question you. But their actions will make you learn to empathise with others better and it will make you stronger in the long run.
  5. The sea is the best way to centre yourself.
  6. Say yes to opportunities more often, even though your first instinct is always to say no (you’re still having trouble doing
  7. Being called weird or different isn’t an insult
  8. You can only do so much to help people but after a while it’s up to them to help themselves.
  9.  The perfect pancake takes practice
  10. The world can be really horrible so try and hold on to your innocence and naivety for as long as you can. Never try and rely on cynicism and appreciate people who make an effort to see the world .


Is there any particular life lesson that you’ve learned over the years?

My 100th Blog Post

I’ve been blogging since 2014. I started because I wanted to have a place where I could write and express any thoughts I had. Three years on and I still love doing this, which is very surprising for me as I usually lose interest in things quickly! When I started I only told a select few people that I had a blog (ie. my mom and my best friend).

I didn’t know anyone who blogged back in the grand ole year of ’14 and ‘notions’ would have been the thought in people’s minds, if they ever found out I was off writing big long shpeels on the internet; for strangers to read as if I actually thought they cared what I had to say (*tosses head back and mutters ‘notions’ one more time for good effect*). To be sure no one knew I was up to such high class hooligism, I used to keep this blog anonymous, hence the name rearrangingstars (shneaky). But after joining college and learning that actually quite a few people in my class had blogs and we were actually encouraged to start our own (yay journalism!), I became more relaxed around the idea of people knowing I did this and it also meant I was able to write without the secrecy.

It’s funny to see people’s reactions when you they find out you have a blog. A lot of people immediately assume you have to have a niche. ‘Oh so do you write beauty stuff then?’, is what I get most of them time. People find it surprising when I say that I just write whatever I feel like. ‘So it’s like a diary then?’ No haha this is definitely not like a diary.

So what is my blog about then? I suppose I’ve always liked writing down my thoughts, it makes them clearer to me to see them written down, and I love the idea that by putting them up here it’s a platform that invites interaction. When I see that someone has read a post I’ve written I’m delighted, and on the occasions that someone takes the time to leave a comment it’s even better.

It feels a bit insane that I’ve managed to write a 100 blog posts, but I hope I continue with many more!

If you’re a blogger, how long have you been blogging for? And do your friends, family and dog know that you do it, or is it your own special secret hobby? I’d love to know 🙂

This blog doesn’t have a name

*Stretches fingers*

*Takes a deep breath*

Ok, let’s do this.

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated my corner of the internet. Where do I begin?

To be utterly honest I don’t have anything to say.

My friends will scoff and roll their eyes at this statement… “well that’s a first”, they’d mutter.

You reading this are probably already hovering your finger over your phone, ready to click away.

But before you do that, let me explain. It’s been a long time since I’ve written or discussed a topic on here that I feel like this is all new for me. So before I get back into the deep and thoughtful stuff, I’m using this post to try to ease myself back into blogging.

So how have you been? Oh that’s good. Me? Well I’m into my first week of my second year of college (no longer a baba). I’ve also moved into a new house with one of my closest friends.

The thought of a new year in Dublin excites me and at the moment the possibilities feel endless but at the same time unimaginable. For me, my summer felt like a party that you’ve hyped up but when you actually get there it turns out to be a bit of a flop. I may (or may not) do a blog post on that, we’ll see. But now it’s time to regain some of the adventure I lost this summer and make sure the same doesn’t happen next year.

So I think that’s us all caught up.

To end this random intro back into blogging, I’m going to leave you with an equally random ending.

Here is a picture of the last beautiful thing I saw.