Happiness on hold

At some point in your life someone is going to try and control your happiness.

They will think it’s their business on how you use your happiness and where you find it.

But it never is.

They will try and dictate it and give reasons on why your happiness will effect their own happiness. Finally they will throw their ace card on the table and explain to you ‘that they are only asking you to do what’s best for you.’

But it’s your happiness isn’t it? At the end of the day it’s your life right? It should only be you who is worried about maintaining your happiness, and not have the burden of someone else tugging on it. So why do you feel so guilty?

Maybe you should put your happiness on hold for a little while. Just until this person is ready. If it means this person can keep their own, maybe it’s the right thing to do.


If this person has a problem with your happiness that’s their own problem. When does someone ever think it’s their business on how you should live your life.

Yes maybe that college course will turn out to be the wrong choice for you and ok maybe there is a chance that person will break your heart (my god that chance is always there.) But it’s your happiness. It will come and go but when you are in the moment that you have a hold on it, no one should be selfish enough to try and take it away from you.

But I’m being a hypocrite. I’m writing these words to you and yet I’m not living by them. And do you know what? It’s exhausting to try and make sure someone is content in their life, when it means you have to give up your happiness.

I’d tell you to tell the person how you feel. But I’m sure you already have. So what do you do now?

Honestly I don’t know. But what I do know, is that you need to fix it.

How people we don’t know effect our lives

Hey there!

As people I think we can all agree that we share a common interest, on that no matter how much we deny it we can’t help but be fascinated in the going’s on of other people’s lives. From nattering over a cup of tea about the neighbour’s new haircut, or dissecting a friends holiday photo’s on Facebook, we can all get engrossed in other people’s lives. Something I’ve learned this week is that it doesn’t always have to be people we know.

In this week alone we sadly found out that the singer Lil Chris devastatingly passed away, Jermany Clarkson got fired from the BBC and Zayn Malik left One Direction. Even though most of us don’t know these people personally they have all effected our lives simply by the fact that they managed to generate an opinion or reaction from us.

The biggest news shocker for me was learning that Lil Chris had died. I can still recall my younger self bobbing around the sitting room, shaking my scrunchie tied hair and singing the words to ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’, which was blaring on the music channel at the time. The idea that he was so young and suffered from depression before his death saddens me deeply. Though I didn’t know him he had an effect on my childhood and a small but important overall effect on a part of my life.

Yesterday two people who made an effect on many people’s lives were Jermany Clarkson and Zayn Malik. Whatever your opinion on them are, it was all people were talking about on Twitter. Every second tweets were popping up with people expressing their sympathy for Zayn, their view on Clarkson or just letting the world know that they couldn’t care less. You might disagree with me and say these two people haven’t effected your life but let me put it this way, in ten years time if I asked you do you remember when Zayn quit One Direction, I’m sure in the corners of your mind you’ll come up with the memory. It’s the same way my parents still to this day remember when Robbie Williams left Take That.

It seems silly that we should care about these people and the lives they lead, but seemingly we do. They impact our lives by generating a reaction, an opinion, a debate or a strong emotion. On one final note I’d like to say that I think the most important thing to be conscience of, is that the people we are discussing are people like us with feelings. That at the end of the day their lives really isn’t any of our business, the same way it isn’t our business to speculate on the lives of our neighbours.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, this was basically a combination of my thoughts over the last few days! I’d love to know what you guys think, leave a comment below if you like! 

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


Decluttering and Sorting my Life Out

Hi there!

I decided the last day that I would tackle the unthinkable, the thing that I have been pushing to the back of my head for weeks. The task that makes me come up with a billion other things I could be doing : walk the dog, brush up on my French, start a scrapbook, learn how to do the perfect back flip (luckily for my safety and others I never got this far on the list). My level of procrastination truly has no limit.

I made the decision that I would declutter my room and sort my life out. I have this theory that if you declutter your room you’re one step closer to sorting your life out. Doing it is obviously another story.

So armed with the hoover, a wet cloth and will power I tackled the situation. Now don’t get me wrong, my room isn’t dirty it’s just that every once in a while I realize I have too much stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. Clothes I’ll never wear again, cheap shoes from Penny’s (Primark) that have seen better days, prospectus for university’s that are two years old, homeless mix matching socks… the list goes on!

A while later (or 3 and half hours later to be exact….. yes yes it did take THAT long) my room was finally clean.

I felt an uplifting sense of contentment to realize I finally tacked the chore I was avoiding the most. And now I was able to gleefully tick it off my to-do list (the little things in life eh?)

What do you guys think? Is there anything you do that makes you feel you have more control in your life? I’d love to know!

Now I must go and do the second thing on my list…. sort my life out…. might take a bit longer…..

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


Let the Gap Year commence!

Hi there!

So I guess I’m officially on my gap year (hurray!).

I completed my Leaving Cert this year (which is like the equivalent to the A Levels in the UK and the SATS in America). For  most people the next stage would be university. Yet since I’m only the tender age of 17 and I don’t feel ready for the whole ‘university experience’, I thought I would take a year out. The prospect of having a whole year to myself, without the structure of strict timetables and demanding school bells is kinda weird. The thing I’ve promised myself though, is that I won’t let this year go to waste! So I’m going to write a list of everything I want to achieve and do this following year. 🙂

1)America. In October I’m heading over to my aunt in the USA for three months. I haven’t been there since I was four so this is a little adventure I’m anticipating hugely! I honestly can’t wait to get out of Ireland and see places beyond my front door. Also I’ll be over there for Thanksgiving which I can’t wait for! I don’t have a lot planned for while I’m over there, I’m mostly going with the flow and seeing where it takes me! 

2)Experience. During my gap year I want to cram as much experience I can get in the media industry. Not just because it will look good on my CV but also I want to see what I’m getting myself into when I study the subject in university next year. I’ve already done experience with a local newspaper (hated) and radio station (loved). So television and magazine is my next stop.

3)Friends. When you’ve spent the last 17 years of your life living in the same town, knowing the same people it can be easy to get in a rut and forget there is more to life then this small town. So during this year I want to make as many new friends as I possibly can (while obviously keeping in touch with the old), because you never know what new experiences these friends can show you. I’ve learnt that these past couple of months with the new summer job I started. I met so many new friends and I also got to know people better.

4)London. After visiting the city this summer–see my first post https://rearrangingstars.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/my-love-for-london/  (sneaky plug 😉 ) I really want to make a return trip, but this time I’d love to bring my mom who has never been before. Already planning a girly weekend in London sometime in March/April 

5)Work. I will be working during my gap year as well, in the same place I worked this summer…. an Ice Cream Shop! (It’s as fun as it sounds 😀 ) I love the job and working there this coming year isn’t a hassle at all! 

Those are the five things I want to do for my gap year, obviously the list will grow when different opportunity’s arise but for now that is all.

Have you ever been on a gap year, what did you do? Or are you planning on taking a gap year in the future or do you think it’s just a waste of time? I’d love you know 🙂 

My motto for this year: Open yourself up to new experiences and great things will happen


Bye for now!