Taking a break from blogging

This blog marks 26 weeks of blogging.

It’s not a target I set for myself or something I did intentionally, but I started this year by deciding to take my blog a little bit more seriously. I began putting more time in posts and planning out every month, deciding on a blog I would put up every week.

It’s been quite challenging but it’s also been rewarding. To have a blog written and ready to upload every week, first you need something to write about. I would say I’m a pretty aware person, but with my need to have something to write about every week, I’ve become even more aware of the things around me.

I also treasure that I can look back over these posts, week by week and see what thoughts were wandering around my head at that particular time.

But the whole point of this post is to let you know I’m taking a break.

When this post goes up it’ll be the middle of June and I know from experience that future Catherine (present me is actually writing this blog in May), will be swamped with work. And I’ll be needing my days off to fully relax and enjoy my summer and not be sitting at a computer trying to prepare a blog in a hurry.

You reading this probably won’t notice that I’m taking a little breather from blogging for a few weeks, but I just thought I’d write this anyway (and future me can also look back over this at some stage and be like “hey 27 weeks was good going!”)

During the weeks that I don’t have blogs going up I will keep writing, some of which may end up as posts on here! I also plan on revamping my blog a little bit and looking at different layouts. The current design on my blog is something I chose two years ago, and I don’t think it reflects me anymore.

I am also seriously thinking of changing my blog name. Like my design, the name Rearranging Stars just doesn’t sit right with me and I don’t feel any joy in telling people what my blog is called (sometimes I even feel embarrassed haha).

How is your summer going? If you blog do you find it hard to juggle blogging with other responsibilities?

Dear blog, happy belated birthday

Hey there

On the 22nd of August 2014 I sat down, set up an account on wordpress and thus RearrangingStars was born! A year on and 49 blog posts later and I’m still typing (happy days!).

I did have a big scheme in my head where I would make it my mission for this blog to be posted on the actual birthday of my blog. Alas I’m not as well organized as I like to make myself feel and life got busy and my poor blog got a bit neglected.

It’s a bit like the friend who’s birthday you’ve forgotten, so in an effort to make it up to them you arrive laden with cake and presents (virtual cake and presents in this case)

I enjoyed writing my blog a year ago and I still enjoy it now. I also love looking back over my posts and seeing the different writing style I’ve used. And to see the different topics that were important to me at the time that I felt a need to voice.

I fear of mine when I started my year out was that I wouldn’t put as much effort into my writing, because I didn’t have school essays and English classes to motivate me. So this blog turned into a great tool to help keep my enjoyment alive. Now with me starting my Journalism course next week, I won’t be doing anything but writing!

A great relevant quote (but not quoted perfectly) from the fabulous Ed Sheeran is:

‘Creativity is like a tap. Turn it on every now and then and shit will just come out, you need to keep it flowing for the good stuff to come out. So don’t turn the tap off, keep it running.’

This blog is in no way as structured as I would like it to be, but at the same time it’s nice to just type away without a plan 🙂

I hope who ever reads this that you’re doing well, and if you’re feeling nice you can wish my little blog a happy belated birthday (just so it can feel special).

Bye for now

Rearranging Stars


Pancake Goodness and Choosing Your Words

Hey there!

It feels like ages since I last did a blog, even though it’s only been a week!

First off, did ye all have a good Pancake Tuesday? I’ll be honest with you I never liked pancakes that much (I’ll just give you a minute to recover from the shock) but that all changed last year when I went to America. I was brought up with paper thin pancakes that we got given once a year in February with a dollop of Nutella and a scatter of strawberries . I neither liked strawberries or Nutella and I never bothered to try and experiment with any other toppings, so as you can imagine for years I just assumed pancakes were just something I hated.

Then while in America I discovered thick chocolate chip pancakes … what! Chocolate chips IN the pancake mixture. And naturally the next discovery was the holy grail of all pancake toppings… maple syrup!

So this year was different. This year I had raspberry and chocolate chip pancakes with ice cream ( yup I went all out! )

If I had pictures of this beautiful piece of art I would show you, but I wasn’t able to get a good picture and also I wanted to eat them before all the ice cream melted ha!

What did you have on your pancakes this year? Any weird toppings out there that you would like to share?


I also wanted to talk about words and how choosing them carefully can be so important. Ok so I’m slim, that’s my body shape and it’s always been that way, but what I hate is when people call me skinny . I don’t think it’s a compliment, the word makes me feel like I’m only skin and bones (and I’m really not!).

Then yesterday at work I was delighted when a guy I work with described me as petite! Petite/ slim is such nicer words to use then skinny. It’s the same as describing someone who has hips and a bum, you wouldn’t call them fat, you would call them curvy. For how big the English language is we just seem to throw the words like skinny and fat around the place.

We as a society also think it would be unbelievably rude to turn to someone and call them fat , yet we think it is acceptable and even seen as a compliment to tell someone they’re skinny. Does that make any sense? Can there not be a happy medium?

I find words such a powerful form of communication and it’s really important to think before you speak and to choose them carefully

That’s my opinion, I’d love to hear your’s ! Do you think my little ramble made any sense or do you disagree with me ? I’d love to start a friendly discussion on this down in the comment below!

Rearranging Stars



Hi there!

The last day Sprinkle Of Glitter (one of my favourite youtubers and bloggers) posted a blog on gratitude http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.co.uk/ . I was left with the warm and fuzzies after reading it, but it also left me thinking of what I’m grateful for in life. She encouraged her followers to make their own gratitude list so here is mine !

My Gratitude List 

1. Family: Even though we always don’t see eye to eye they are always there for me. My little brother who listens to my rants on life late at night, my dad who works as hard as he possibly can. And  my mom who gives the best hugs and always has food prepared for me when I come home from work. 

2. Friends: I’m grateful for my friends and how they accept me and never judge me even when I’m being really weird. I’m grateful for them being there when I need a chat, when I need a hug or when I just need someone to laugh with. I love how we can share inside jokes that never get old (‘Singapore’ ,’I saw him on the hill’, ‘you can’t sit with us’) or that I never seem to get bored of their company.

3. My Senses: It’s something I take for granted everyday but I’m so lucky to be able to see and hear (obviously walking is on that list as well but I don’t think it’s classified as a sense) I can’t imagine the world without colour. Not being able to see the smiles of the people I love, the sun setting over the sea or the colour of Autumn leaves. I also can’t even comprehend the world without noise-laughter, dogs barking, waves against rocks, music, chatter of people around me. I’m so lucky to be able to experience all of these everyday 

Obviously there’s a lot more that could be added to that list- my health, having a bed to sleep in, food etc but the ones I listed I think are the main ones for me 

If you want why don’t you write your own gratitude list in the comments, or just make a mental note. It feels really good to do and I know it’s something I should do more often!

Bye for now!


Let the Gap Year commence!

Hi there!

So I guess I’m officially on my gap year (hurray!).

I completed my Leaving Cert this year (which is like the equivalent to the A Levels in the UK and the SATS in America). For  most people the next stage would be university. Yet since I’m only the tender age of 17 and I don’t feel ready for the whole ‘university experience’, I thought I would take a year out. The prospect of having a whole year to myself, without the structure of strict timetables and demanding school bells is kinda weird. The thing I’ve promised myself though, is that I won’t let this year go to waste! So I’m going to write a list of everything I want to achieve and do this following year. 🙂

1)America. In October I’m heading over to my aunt in the USA for three months. I haven’t been there since I was four so this is a little adventure I’m anticipating hugely! I honestly can’t wait to get out of Ireland and see places beyond my front door. Also I’ll be over there for Thanksgiving which I can’t wait for! I don’t have a lot planned for while I’m over there, I’m mostly going with the flow and seeing where it takes me! 

2)Experience. During my gap year I want to cram as much experience I can get in the media industry. Not just because it will look good on my CV but also I want to see what I’m getting myself into when I study the subject in university next year. I’ve already done experience with a local newspaper (hated) and radio station (loved). So television and magazine is my next stop.

3)Friends. When you’ve spent the last 17 years of your life living in the same town, knowing the same people it can be easy to get in a rut and forget there is more to life then this small town. So during this year I want to make as many new friends as I possibly can (while obviously keeping in touch with the old), because you never know what new experiences these friends can show you. I’ve learnt that these past couple of months with the new summer job I started. I met so many new friends and I also got to know people better.

4)London. After visiting the city this summer–see my first post https://rearrangingstars.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/my-love-for-london/  (sneaky plug 😉 ) I really want to make a return trip, but this time I’d love to bring my mom who has never been before. Already planning a girly weekend in London sometime in March/April 

5)Work. I will be working during my gap year as well, in the same place I worked this summer…. an Ice Cream Shop! (It’s as fun as it sounds 😀 ) I love the job and working there this coming year isn’t a hassle at all! 

Those are the five things I want to do for my gap year, obviously the list will grow when different opportunity’s arise but for now that is all.

Have you ever been on a gap year, what did you do? Or are you planning on taking a gap year in the future or do you think it’s just a waste of time? I’d love you know 🙂 

My motto for this year: Open yourself up to new experiences and great things will happen


Bye for now!